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Crown Court FAQs

Q - Do I need permission to obtain a Crown Court transcript?
A - If you are not directly involved with the case (representing the prosecution or the defendant) you will need permission from the judge. If you are not sure, it is best to check with the court before requesting a transcript.

Q - How much does it cost to obtain a Crown Court transcript?
A - The final cost of a transcript is based on the number of words that have been transcribed and your choice of turnaround time.

Price Per Folio* (ex VAT)
Approximate Hourly Rate (ex VAT)
Standard 15 working days turnaround
Expedited 6-10 working days turnaround
Expedited 2-5 working days turnaround
Overnight turnaround
Sentencing remarks minimum payment
Copies of transcripts

* A folio is 72 typed words

Q - Can I obtain a copy of the audio from you?
A - No; all requests for audio must be directed to the Crown Court in which the case was heard.

Q - Do I have to pay for my transcript before I receive it?
A - As soon as your transcript is completed we will issue you with a final invoice. Your transcript will be released on receipt of payment.

Q - Does the judge have to approve my transcript before I can see it?
A - In Crown Court cases transcripts do not have to be approved by the judge.

Q - How can I pay my invoice?
A - We accept cheques, credit/debit card and BACS payments. All information regarding these will be included on your final invoice.

Q - How will I receive my transcript?
A - All completed transcripts are emailed to you in PDF format or can be mailed out if required.

Civil and Family Courts FAQs

Q - Which Courts do you cover?
A - We are a member of the Tape Transcription Panel so we can provide transcripts for any of the Family, Civil and High Courts in England and Wales.

Q - How much does it cost to obtain a court transcript?
A - The final cost of a transcript is based on the number of words that have been transcribed and your choice of turnaround time.

15 Working Days
5 Working Days
48 Hours
Proceedings Per audio hour
Per folio*
Judgment Per audio hour
Per folio*

*A folio is every 72 typed words

All prices are ex VAT and there is a minimum order value of £15.75. Please note that because we charge by the folio we are only able to provide an estimated cost from the length of the audio. A final price is calculated from the number of folios once the transcript is finished. This means that the final cost may be higher or lower than our initial estimate.

Q - Where do I need to send my EX107 form?
A - Your completed EX107 form needs to be sent to the court in order for them to send the audio on to us. Once we receive the audio we will contact you with your estimate. You may also send a copy of your completed form directly to us so that we know to expect the audio from the court.

Q - I sent my EX107 form to the court but I haven't heard anything back from you?
A - Unfortunately it can take the courts some time to process requests, but we will be in contact with you as soon as possible once we have received the audio from them.

Q - How long will it take to complete my transcript?
A - Many factors can influence how long it takes to produce a transcript. For example, the time taken by the courts to send the audio to us can vary considerably, although it is normally done within a week of them receiving your EX107 form. Once we receive the audio we will send you a quote as soon as possible, typically within a day. The turnaround time starts upon payment of the estimate.

Q - What turnaround times do you offer?
A - We offer three turnaround times:

  • 15 working days,
  • 5 working days and
  • 48 hours.

Q - I have received my quote but I do not want to go ahead with the transcript. What should I do?
A - You are not obliged to go ahead with your order, so please just let us know that you no longer require the transcript and we will return the audio to the court. If you decide at a later stage that you do need the transcript, you will have to send a new request to the court so that they can send the audio to us.

Q - Do I need to pay for my transcript before I receive it?
A - Yes. We require full payment before we can send it to you.

Q - Why have I received a final invoice for a different amount?
A - Your initial cost estimate is based on the number of audio minutes but the final invoice is based on the number of words in the transcript, therefore the final cost can be higher or lower than the estimate. A further invoice or refund will be issued if necessary.

Q - How will I receive my transcript?
A - Our transcripts are normally sent via email as a PDF document. If you require the transcript by post, please let us know and we will arrange for this.

Q - You’ve gone ahead with my transcript but I’ve changed my mind and want to cancel my order. Can I do this?
A - You can change or cancel your order at any time, but if we have already started work on the transcript you will be liable to pay for any work already completed.

Q - Where is my Judgment?
A - All Judgments must be sent to the court for approval before we can release them, in accordance with our contract with the Ministry of Justice. The time taken by courts  to approve transcripts  can vary considerably, depending how busy they are. We normally consider a transcript to be overdue if it has not been approved after three weeks, at which point we will chase up the court for it.

Q- Can I have a copy of the audio?
A - Unfortunately we are not able to provide copies of the audio recordings of Court hearings. You will need to contact the court and request the audio directly.

General Transcription FAQs

Q - How long does it take to prepare a transcript?
A - This depends on the length of the recording. On average, a transcriber will take 7 hours to produce a 1 hour of audio.

Q - How much does a transcript cost?
A - Our Crown, Civil and Family and Coroners' Court transcripts are charged by the folio (per 72 typed words). Alternatively, we can charge by the audio minute. The rate is determined by the length and quality of the recording, the number of speakers, the confidentiality requirements of the information and the turnaround time. Please contact us for an estimate.

Q - Can you work with a poor-quality recording?
A - We can often manipulate recordings to improve the quality of the audio, but this is not always possible. We levy a 10% surcharge for poor-quality recordings as these take longer to transcribe. You can send your recording to us for a free assessment and quote.

Q - When will I receive my transcript?
A - We offer a variety of turnaround times including an expedited service. Please ask us abou the available options.

Q - What will my finished transcript look like?
A - We can provide templates and standardised in-house typing styles, or work with you prefer.

Q - What happens if I’m not happy with my transcript?
A - We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service. If you are not satisfied, then please let us know.

Investigative Interviews FAQs

Q - How much will it cost?
A - Our rates are based on the number of speakers, the length of the recording, the turnaround time and the security level of service required.

Q - How long will it take?
A - It takes approximately 7 person hours to transcribe 1 hour of audio. We offer a choice of turnaround times and can split the recording among transcribers if you require an expedited service.

Q - How can I send the recording?
A - We have a number of options available to you for the secure transfer of digital files. Physical assets can be delivered securely using specialist mail options and DX (our address is DX 742483 Exeter 34).

Q - Where will the transcription take place?
A - We highly recommend our in-house team based in Exeter to securely transcribe assets marked as Official-Sensitive and above. Our secure transcription area has recently passed government inspection.

Q - What experience do you have specifically with Coroners’ Courts?
A - We have more than 10 years' experience and can provide references on request.

Q - How much notice do you need to attend and record an inquest?
A - Our aim is always to be highly responsive to all requests, but we ask that you give us as much notice as possible so we can make a provisional booking.

Q - How much time do you need to set up the room for recording?
A - We require at least one hour prior to the start of the inquest.

Q - What do I need to supply for a same-day transcription service?
A - We require on-site WiFi connectivity to send recordings to our offices throughout the day for transcription. We also need the names of all those attending and representing.

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